X box One Wolfenstein: The New Order Review

Wolfenstein: The New Order Review By Dboss…

Alright guys, the boss is here with a review about Wolfenstein: The New Order. All hardcore Wolfenstein gamers can now be happy with a new release of the Wolfenstein series. The game is available over cross platform, PC, X box one, PS3, Ps4 and the X box 360. I’ve only had the chance to play it on the X box one. One word can be said about this game and the ones that have played this game can relate… Kill fucking Nazis.

A true FPS made by two great companies, Machine games and Bethesda. As soon as I got this game, I was amazed by the graphics and felt thrilled to play every blasting second. The graphics on this game are amazing and it makes you feel that it’s a true FPS. You are the man behind the guns and there is many ways to take out your enemies in the game. I found myself, playing levels over and over just trying to find new ways to kill the enemies in the game. Every stage has its own way to sneak or to use the environment to your advantage.

The game isn’t safe for kids and I would never let the little ones play it, because the over detailed sex scenes and some kids shouldn’t play FPS due to unstable minds. The story is detailed and straight to the point. They are rebels trying to destroy the Nazis influence around the world. I’ve always been interested in World War 1 and anything to do with the Nazis – Jews. So the story is neat to see what would really happen if they did win the war. Even though a later X box 360 game tried this story before, it failed miserable. The game was called Turning Point: Fall of Liberty.

During the story, you get a chance to play the old PC version of the game. It is fun to play it over and over again every time you go to the next mission. The only problem I had with this game was the stupid side quest you had to do to get to the next mission.

The chance to go to the moon on the game was amazing. Even going deep underwater was fun. Each stage is jaw dropping for me. I have many videos to show you to help you truly see the nature of the game and to get more of an idea if you like it or not.



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