X box One Video Game Sharing Guide by Dboss

X box one video Game Sharing Guide by Dboss.

First off the first thing you need to know is that you can't share X box one games via disc. You have to download the game to be able to share it. I was not to happy about this either, because I always buy the physical disc to add to my collection and I currently have 2 X box ones for me and my Wife. So the only way to share is if you have the game in your library and account through digital download. Here are the steps.


Step 1:

You can only share with one friend. Please don't do more then one, because x box chat support will be angry at you when you need to fix your account! Their is very little information regarding how many people you can actually share, so I learnt the hard way. So I had to reset my Home X box, because I used it more then 3 times a year. You get a forth one as long as you contact support.

First Step is simple, if you have a friend that lives in another state, you have to give them your password and username. Please trust your friend first before doing this or have backup security methods to get your account password reset. You may have to give them the X box live code for security purposes. The overall process can be a pain, but worth it. You also can share in the same house if you have two X box ones. Once your friend does this, go to step 2.


Step 2:

X box One Video Game Sharing GuideTell your friend to sign in your account. Then go to settings and go to the left bottom area where it says my X box. Click on this and proceed to the next options. The top option is what you want your friend to click on. You click on that and it ask you to set the x box to home. Say yes, and then your done. Do not do this more than 3 times, it gives you a total of 3 and one hard reset for one year. When you set the x box to home x box, it will allow your friend to play without you being logged in. Do this for your console with his account, so what he buys digital you will get vise versa.


I also made a  FAQ down below about X box one video game sharing.


How many X box ones can be set to home X box?

Answer: You can have a total of one x box set to home. Do not allow others to set you to home, if you have someone already set to home. Red flag flies up in the air at X box live support... Don't ask.

Can you get banned for X box One Video Game Sharing across states?

Answer: No, Major Nelson and many more explain the Sharing process and says its fine up to one friend. Do not do more then one friend and you will be fine.

Can you share X Box One Video Games with Disc?

Answer: No, you can do this, I've searched up and down the Internet for a solution, their is no way to do this. It's not possible due to copyright laws.

Can you share just any Direct download game or is their limitations?

Answer: No limitations, all out share fest. You have Assassins Creed unity direct download and minecraft, you can download them as much as you want, as long as you have your friend set to home X box.

Will they cancel or disable the X box One Video Game Sharing in the future?

Answer: I'm not X Box so I can' t say yes or no, but I'm sure if they know whats best for the company they, wouldn't disable this feature in the future.


If you have questions about the X box one video game sharing, ill answer them below in comments~!


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