X Box One Free Games with Gold for The Month of August 2016 Revealed…

The Month of August is here at last and there is new Free games with gold... So what are they and are they worth the time to download?

You know me one of these games is pointless to me, because I'm no sports fan. Here is the line up for Free Games with Gold for The Month of August 2016...

X box one Games
Orochi 3 Ultimate
WWE 2k16
Beyond Good & Evil HD

Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate is worth the download, but WWE 2k16, eh. I'm no sports fan, so sports games don't surprise me. Its like Call of duty, same game, different look maybe. I found this month's free games better then the last. Banner saga 2 wasn't to bad...

I will be downloading Spelunky and Beyond Good & evil Hd, they are both great games.

We will cover them soon in a video.

Stay tune for next months Free games with good. Devilmanz1024 out!

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