World of Warcraft Patch 7.0 Firelands Farming – Still works 100%

Hello everyone,


I wanted to go over a Wow Farming tip that has been out since the Cataclysm expansion.


All you have to do is have a good 100 -110 alt character that can handle mobs of enemies.

I used a paladin in this video.


Demon hunters


And believe it or not a Priest does good for farming in the firelands.


You can even defeat each boss and get even more gold.. Do not defeat the last boss or you will not be able to reset the instance. They did this to avoid people from getting the famous firehawk mount from the last boss.


Firelands has many grey, purple and green items to sell. You will also find that skinning and mining is a plus in this wow tip.


To find out more, view this video below. PLEASE avoid wow gold sellers, they are scum of the earth!




Gaming like a boss, that's right.

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