Wii U review is it worth it?

Wii U review is it worth it?

I finally got a new Wii u black 32 GB console with the new Mario Bros Wii u bundle and decided its time to help Nintendo with a honest review. I figured now that most sites are bombing the Nintendo's latest console over its lacking interest of social ability to play with others. Now its time to stress my thoughts on this console since I finally got to play it with my own two hands. Hope you enjoy this Wii-U review..



The Wii u has a new slick look that doesn't take much space and doesn't require to many cords. It now supports HDMI and component cables. The new controller syncs with the main system to allow you to play remotely anywhere in the house as long as the game supports it and you stay within range. The idea is brilliant and its definitely the systems strong encouragement to have the system overall. Nintendo had the right idea to keep the backward compatibility to play Wii games on the system. Unlike X box one and Ps4 that are still trying to do this for their new genre gaming systems. The system doesn't lack customer support or require you to have internet to play the system. It also has a rechargeable battery for the main controller. Dual screens and play anywhere in the room, what is bad about that?



Setup did take me a little time to get through, because the system comes with HDMI and there was a error with the HDMI port. Later after finding my old Wii hookups I got the controller set up and worked on getting the HDMI working. After a few hours I got it working, after finding out the HDMI port wasn't working for the Wii-U , but works for the X box one and x box 360. Seems to be a major issue, but you can always go Component cords. No major issue, unless you have advance TV's.

The price of the system is a bit steep considering the amount of games that are out on the for the Wii U. The black system cost me $300 with the Mario Brothers Wii-u/ Luigi. I already beat it and got a few more games on it. The disc to the games are double protected and seem like a Blue ray disc than a normal CD. Overall its so far a must have for all Retro fans that like playing Nintendo franchise games like Mario and Monster hunter.  The lack of sociability isn't the Wii-U's problem, its the lack of upcoming titles. Many reviews bash the system over its problem of lacking online gaming such as Bf4 and cod, but not me, I wish people would focus more on the games than bragging rights and playing with friends. The only problem I have with Nintendo is that they never seem to focus on rewarding players for doing certain achievements.  That is the only reason I play the X box one/ 360. The Wii-U has the normal apps, Netflix, Youtube, Amazon video, and Hulu plus. Wii-U sports is fun and talking to others about your current game on Miiverse. Overall the Wii-U supports an online community that's free online and doesn't charge you 9.99 per month to use, so no complaints here.



Is the system worth $240 -$300? Not exactly worth the price due to the lack of the upcoming announced video games, but its worth it if you have children. My daughter plays the Wii U more than any other system I bought. The games are still $30-$50, but at least you don't pay $64 per new game like the X box one and PS4. The Wii u is the perfect system for any family game time, the x box one and ps4 lack the family titles that kids like today. Kirby, Mario, Zelda, Monster hunter, Donkey Kong and much more.


Conclusion - Wii-U review


The Nintendo Wii-U aims to please the children and older retro fans, but doesn't hold interest for the hardcore gaming fans that love multiplayer action. Nintendo isn't designed for Call of duty, Gears of war, BF4, Halo and other awesome online Multiplayer video games, so quit comparing the system to it. We all know without Nintendo we wouldn't have the nostalgia feelings when you play Zelda or Mario. If Nintendo decided to change to other systems like the X box one or ps4, we wouldn't have to buy it... I don't buy the Ps4, because I can play the games on the X box one, besides the exclusives. So why would they want to compare?

Good job nintendo, keep up the good work and I love the controller. For once you don't have to worry about the main controller running out of batteries, all you have to do is charge it.

Please comment your thoughts, I would love to hear them.



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