Weekly Retro Video Game Fix Issue 1#

Welcome to our first issue for the Weekly Retro Video Game Fix. Its time to get your fix!

So what is the first game I want to talk about? Lets start off by talking about the Metroid. Metroid one of the best side scrolling video games that had a great series until it got in the hands of the Nintendo Wii. Of course Metroid Corruptions was pretty awesome, but Metroid M was a major let down. Personally I think the series suffers from changing the aspect of the game. I played every Metroid up to Corruption and lost the feel of the game after it went 3d graphics. Don't get me wrong I liked Metroid Prime and Echoes, but it was no longer a Side Scrolling game that gave me enjoyment.

Maybe Nintendo thought change was good, but it's not for this current game type. It's just like changing Contra into a FPS, it doesn't work. The latest news on the Metroid series is truly disappointing. Nintendo decided to come out with a Metroid game without Samsus and they seem to be using the name and IP to boast off another game, with a different story. This type of change kills the game entirely. Many Metroid fans are outraged over this and are trying to get the game cast out. Honestly, Metroid is based on Samsus (aka bounty hunter) and the Metroid. The game without the Metroid and the Samsus, should be called something else. This series isn't Final Fantasy. You can't do this an expect people to change and like it. What they seem to be doing is using the hype from Metroid and trying to get the new Metroid game boosted.  This game was announced at E3 and its called Metroid Prime Federation Force. I watched the trailer and wasn't very happy! They seem to be making the game kid ordinate and basing it on a multiplayer platform. I don't see this game being a good Metroid. Here is the trailer they showed at E3.





As you see the Youtube views are high, but the amount of dislikes has this game looking very poor. Sorry Nintendo, you need to call this game Federation Force - with no Metroid attached.

Despite the issue with the new game, you still can enjoy the awesomeness of these games digitally or on the console. Here is a price guide for the game prices now, you can either buy them digitally or collect them.

Metroid : 20.00 Ebay and Amazon Wii U Digital 4.99

Super Metroid $47-$50 Ebay and Amazon Wii U Digital 7.99

Metroid: return of samsus $10-$14 Ebay and Amazon 3DS Digital 3.99

Metroid Fusion $20- 25 Ebay and Amazon Wii U Digital 7.99

Metroid Zero Mission  $15-17 Ebay and Amazon Wii U Digital 7.99

Metroid Trilogy 40- or more

Metroid Prime and Echos For limited time on our store for 15.00 Only! Plus shipping Click here!

There are more games for Metroid, but I put the ones that count.


Super Metroid was my favorite. Mother brain and Ridley were my favorite bosses and the music to the game was epic. I still listen to the midi's and enjoy every minute of the game. I have it digitally of course, but I have my collectors copy.


I hope you everyone enjoys reading the Weekly Retro Video Game Fix. What is your comments on the new Metroid game? Comment below! Don't forget to follow our blog. We will have one of these post weekly.

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