Top 5 Video Games For kids Less Violence more learning

Help your kids grow brilliant minds with non-violent video games for kids.

I wanted to write this post, because I have daughter and I know everyone wants a list of video games for kids that helps develop the brain, and doesn't include Violence. I made this list for all parents that want to know the safe video games for kids that helps create brilliant minds. These video games will be on Consoles only. Please read my list and make sure you follow our Website, Youtube and our Social media.

5. Wii u's Sports Club

Wii Sports Club - Wii U

Wii U's Sports club is the perfect video game for kids, because of many reasons. Exercise is one of the main reasons you should get the game for your child. Eye coordination is also taught on certain game modes, such as baseball and tennis. Not only does this game get them to be interactive its also family type game.  This is a really easy game for all ages and it made my top five video games for kids.

4. Kinect Adventures

This game practically goes for free, but its a must play game for all kids that have a X box 360 and a Kinect. You can find it used in Gamestop or online for less then a $1.00. Why is it the perfect game for kids if it's that cheap, it's because its designed to help your body exercise and teaches them to move their bodies while playing game.

3. Shape up X box one

Shape Up - Xbox One

The is by far the best fit game for the X box one and its perfect for all ages. This game really gets you into shape and helps kids be more interactive in the game. The Kinect is needed in this game in order to play it on the X box one. There isn't many children video games on the X box one that's suitable to Children with the age of E rating, unless you play Rayman legends or the Lego titles.

2. Wii U Nintendo Land

Another great Video game for kids is the Nintendo land for the Wii u. Its around $20.00 new and its a interactive game that has many game modes. Not only does it have many game modes, there is more then one player that can play the game with a Wii remote. The Wii U remote is also has its own character for each game mode. You get to use it as a separate TV/controller. The game helps eye movement, brain development and its not a violent game for kids.

1. Minecraft

Minecraft - PlayStation 3

Minecraft is one of those games that all kids should play and its for all ages. Minecraft is known to be one of the best building games up to date and it didn't need all the cool graphics to win the gaming fan base community. It sold recently to Microsoft from the previous owners for a pretty penny. So why is this video game for kids? Well, it develops the mind by allowing them to build their imagination and their dreams. This is by far the best video game for kids in my book.

Another great game for the x box one is Fantasia. This game is like a runner up for the top 5.

I wanted to tell all the parents, most of the games on the x box one and PS4 are not for kids, most of them are in the Rate M category, so it's best to get them a Wii U or a handheld device. ( 3DS ) I have been playing video game since the age of 3, and I can tell you the ESBR rating helps.

Thank you for reading this post, please comment and tell me your top 5 video games for kids, because all parents should manage their kids video games up to a certain age. Most kids don't know the difference between violence and realism, so this is important for the parents to manage what they play. However, don't shield them from the world, talk to your kids and teach them.

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