Top 5 Free To play XBox one Games that are worth your time!

Top 5 Free To play XBox one Games that are worth your time!

Free to play doesn't really mean free to play, its based on a pay to win or pay to get this expansion. XBox one has brought some interesting titles to the console and I'm happy to say, I play them all. Here is my Top 5 free to play Xbox one Games...

  1. Neverwinter

Yes, I said it. Its free to play and you get the most out of the game until you have to purchase some of the extra content. It's fun and it has a story that will keep you going. Its better games then Clicker Heroes and Battle Islands.

  1. DC Universe Online

Even though its free to play, there are heavy restrictions. The story and the game play is fun, its worth playing a few hours or more. If you like DC comics and making your own super human, this game is for you.

  1. Happy Dungeons

As silly as it is, its a good free to play game. Tons of different loot for each dungeon and you can customize your character. It's got some free to play restrictions, but its fun with 4 people.

  1. Paladins (open beta at the moment)

Recent game...

There is still some work that needs done with the game, but its overall the best free to play game for an FPS shooter. I have a lot of fun with this game and enjoy every moment of it.

A few videos....

  1. Smite

Smite is best free to play game on my list. The reason why? You have the choice to earn everything on the store, through coins and gems. Gems can be earned by logging in daily.

Hope you liked my Top 5 free to play Xbox one Games of my choice.


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