Samsus Aran VS Master Chief – Who Would Win?

Samsus Aran VS Master Chief - Who Would Win?

Master Chief is one hefty hero and has been in far more troubles than Samsus Aran. So would Master Cheif AKA John 117 win a fight with Samsus Aran from the Metroid Series? We all know both these awesome Characters have some nifty tricks up their sleeves, but who is more well suited? I'll give some facts and info on each character and have my final decision below. You can tell me if I'm full of Crap (like A Boss) or Tell me Hell yes in the Comments. So who will win this fight? Samsus Aran VS Master Chief?

Samsus Aran VS Master Chief  

Samsus Aran VS Master Chief
Samsus Aran VS Master Chief


(Halo) Master Chief AKA John 117 Spartan

Samsus Aran VS Master Chief
Samsus Aran VS Master Chief

All Spartans are equipped with heavy mobile armor that can withstand almost any gun fire or plasma damage. Spartans were trained to be war machines and to serve the UNSC. They were named after Greek warriors of Sparta. Master Chief is equipped with a special AI (Cortana)  system that helps him be the best of the best with tactical information in the battlefield. (Well Before She Went crazy...)

Not only does he have the AI System, he is agile and knows how to use any weapon with a dead aim. Overall John 117 has little emotions and will do what it takes to save the universe. Through the Halo Series he has fought countless enemies to stop the halo's destruction. Now that Halo Guardians will be coming out, he will have new tricks up his sleeves and be Zero G jumping again in no time.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection

(Super Metroid) (Samsus Aran)

Samsus Aran VS Master Chief
Samsus Aran VS Master Chief



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Samsus is much different than Master Chief and she isn't after Heroism. She is a Mercenary out to collect bounties and gets stuck doing some weird jobs. Although she worked for the military in the past, she is more a lone rouge. Her mobile suit is her only advantage over Master Chief and without it, she is fragile.

The Suit is Equipped with multiple gadgets and different weapons. The suit is equipped with different weapon modes (Hyper beam - Wave beam and much more) that could destroy any enemies coming her way. Samsus is also equipped with other gadgets like ( Morph Ball - Mega bombs - Super Rockets - Grapple Hook - Space Jump - and much more).

She doesn't have a shield like Master Chief, but she has energy Banks that deplete when hit and replenish when collecting energy back from enemies killed. The Metroid series at the moment seems dead, but maybe they will come back with a new one.. As long as they put it on the 3ds as a side scroller and not like Metroid M.


So who would win in my opinion? Honestly to tell you the Truth Master Chief would.. Let me tell you why.

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Master Chief is out going and all heroes win, we all know that. Samsus is a mercenary, but has better gear and has more power behind her Weapons. But she don't have what it takes to be a Spartan. John 117 has been through more hell than any other character I've known besides (Issac Dead space.....) He fought the flood - the Forerunners  and the covenant. Samsus fought Space Pirates, Mother Brain (AKA Robot Chicken), Ridley (Came back from the dead millions of times), and countless bugs. Don't get me wrong Samsus is a good character ( Erases... Metroid M) but, she is no Master Chief. He has fallen from space and lived! Only hardship Samsus went through was losing her suit in Metroid Zero and in Metroid Fusion being fused with X cell. Other than that, nothing compared. The Spartan mobile suit varies upon model and Master Chief has a pretty good one. He also recharges over time and Samsus doesn't.


What Are your thoughts? In comments point out reasons why - Back your Statement.



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3 thoughts on “Samsus Aran VS Master Chief – Who Would Win?

  • September 4, 2014 at 5:14 pm

    stabs master cheif..samsus wins

  • September 4, 2014 at 5:16 pm

    Master Chief isn’t game… Samsus will kick his sorry metal butt anyday.

  • September 4, 2014 at 5:19 pm

    Halo is an ongoing series, metroid hasn’t came out with a single title in a few years.. So master chief wins in my opinion

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