Ps4 Announces the Summer trailer Styx Master of Shadows

Ps4 Announces the Summer trailer Styx Master of Shadows

Yet again, the graphics of the Playstation 4 and X box one never seems to surprise me. Styx Master of Shadows will be a stealth game that will be a mirror image of thief, but not as boring. Instead you are a Goblin that is after precious amber. Amber in the game is a rare substance and powerful. It contains magical powers that can let him go  invisible, enhance senses and control a clone of himself to get around enemies.

Who doesn't like being a goblin? The character may remind you of the pesky little goblins on World of warcraft but the character is built around a sarcastic, sneaky, and cleaver persona.

You have control of your every move and need to make sure the move you make isn't your last. A strategic video game built to thrill all stealth type gamers and you will have plenty of clever and powerful tools to use in game. Even though Amber is powerful, it makes Styx slowly go crazy by tormenting him prior to use.


My personal opinion.

From the Dboss AKA Devilmanz1o24 

The game looks like it could be promising. By watching the E3 coverage, you can tell its going to be a great stealth game. However, we don't know how long its going to be. Most games on the newer consoles never seem to be long enough. Maybe their will be more news on this game in the near future before release. Dboss.


Gaming like a boss, that's right.

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