Playstation Plus Games Revealed for Augest 2016

Playstation Plus Games Revealed for August 2016...


I'm still a playstation fan and try to keep up with the last news for Playstation. I'm a plus member and I'm looking forward to a few of these titles...


Here are the free games for Playstation Plus August 2016..


Tricky Towers, Playstation 4
Rebel Galaxy, Playstation 4
Yakuza 5, Playstation 3
Retro/Grade, Playstation 3
Patapon 3, Playstation Vita
Ultratron, Playstation 4, PS vita, PS3


These line ups are pretty good compared to X box lives free games with gold this month of August. You can find the free games for gold on this post here. Free games with gold.

I will be downloading Rebel Galaxy to see if it's going to be my cup of tea.

Stay tune for new's from the Devilmanz1024.

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