PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will it ever be out of early access?

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds say's they will leave Early Access in October - But recently Brendan Greene says their are not too confident it will reach full release now that its further in the year. They pushed the game back 6 more months.

PC Gamer has more details on the full story. You can  find there article here.

My personal opinion the title Early access, game preview or Beta is an excuse to say my game has problems, but you can play and pay for nice shiny things to make us more money. Dayz is a good example of how long  a Beta or early access can go before becoming live. They are still in the making after a few years and still haven't released full as of today. Day z is working on a new engine, to better the game after many have spent a lot of cash on the game. Don't get me wrong I like playing games like Dayz, H1z1 and more, but its all a marketing approach to make more money. Day z wouldn't be making a new engine for the game if it wasn't for how much they made off the game.

I like game previews for X box one and early access for PC players. I'm not dissing the approach, I just see through the marketing unlike most gamers. I sink a lot of money into these games, because they have the ability to make something other people don't try to do. Big publishers like EA and Activation don't do games that do new approaches unless it's been approved to make money. Video games should never be based on making money, but we live in a world that is based on money.

To see how this game is on the PC - Watch the videos below. As in later next year we should see this game making an appearance on the X box one. Crosses fingers and hope it does.



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