March 2017 Games for Gold

This month is looking like its going to be a good Games for Gold Month.


You have in one corner a scary game for most, but interesting scare thrill game free for march.


Layers of Fear! March 1- 31


NEXT we have one of my favorite of all time games! To bad it's the X box 360 edition...
Borderlands 2 X box 360 1-15

This game could have been better, but now maybe that it's going free on X box one, it will get its shine!

Evolve The Ultimate edition! March 16 - Apr 15

Last runner up will be a game that could get boring for most, but looks fun for 4 minutes!
Heavy Weapon X box 360 March 16 -31st

This month is much better then the last month! Star wars unleashed was my favorite, but the rest were not to much in my fun factor or take my interest. Borderlands 2 has a major replay value compared to Evolve that will get boring after a few games. Maybe having the full edition of evolve it will be more fun....

As for the Layers of fear, glad I didn't buy the game for my wife. She loves playing games that are scary. Now she can for free >:).


As for Heavy weapon it's too old genre for me at the moment. But it could be fun if I get bored or only have a few minutes to play the X box...


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Gaming like a boss, that's right.

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