A Long Wait Worth Our Time Elder Scrolls Online Going F2P and Coming To Console

A long wait in deed, but its worth every minute. Great news gamers, Elder Scrolls online is going free to play for PC/Mac in March 17th 2015. This was a long wait for me and well worth it. I paid for the first 2 months of Elder Scrolls online and figured it was going free to play in the future, because the PC version was not getting enough attention. Now that they have a new champion system and much more, its well worth playing the game for free. You still have to buy the PC/Mac Elder scrolls online before playing it for free.

For all you X box one or Ps4 console lubbers, you will be able to play this bad boy on June 9th! It comes out just in time for the summer and their is no Subscription fee. This is great considering it will only be a one time fee and that's buying the game. If you are buying the game and need to share with another household member, remember to buy it Digital. Share those games!

Is the game set to fail?

I don't think so. I played the PC version and liked every minute of it, but I felt it was better if it went free to play, so I stopped playing it. Most MMO's that go Free to play do much better. Rift and Lord of the Rings online both did much better being free to play and they made more profit. With Elder Scrolls online using a F2p module it's their only hope keeping the game for the future. Elder Scrolls online is an epic adventure with many different classes and races to choose from. You also customize your class to what way you want to go.

Do you want to pre-order it you can here!


Gaming like a boss, that's right.

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