How to Level on Elder Scrolls online X Box One DUH

I played a total of 24 hours game time for this game and already have a level 44 Templar. If I put more time into it, I would be level 50. It's not hard to level to 50 as long as you can keep the quest line going. Each faction has there own areas of the game. You need to follow main quest line to complete levels beyond the 30 - 50. The last area is ColdHarbour and it's only reachable by completing the main story-line. Leveling consist of constant questing. Never do the dungeons and use armor that helps skill lines increase. I could have been level 50 by now, if I avoided the dungeons. You should do the dungeons at level 50 to get the full extent of the fun. Here are some ways to increase your leveling speed. Please read this post on How to Level on Elder Scrolls online X Box One DUH.

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First off, you need to pay for the ESO plus. Yes, 14.99 is a bit steep and annoying, but if your a true gamer (not saying you are not a gamer, just saying), you would pay for it. That's if you like the game. If not, you need to get the ring of Moira and get married. You can only get that from the imperial edition. You have both its 20% extra exp gains. The next thing to do is to quest like crazy. There is no other method to level fast, unless you level with a friend. This is the fast route. If you run out of quest in a certain area, you need to move on to the next. Always do the quest in dwells and do the quest in town. I know the quest are boring in the towns, but they provide longer quest lines. Always find quest that are over your level. The higher the level the more fun and better EXP. Try to avoid missing out on quest. You don't want to grind at the end to get to 50. This is pretty much a no brainer, but I've talked to many other people saying how do you level so fast, I tell them quest, this game is not based on killing mobs...

I hope this helps you, but ESO made it where it was hard to level for a reason. To keep you playing. I hope you like the How to Level on Elder Scrolls online X Box One DUH. Please follow us and read our other post!

I'm about to see what the game is fully about at level 50 and will provide a short review on the game afterwards.


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