How to Increase Settlers on Fallout 4

You got a new settlement on Fallout 4, now what?

Fallout 4 has been out for over 2 weeks now and I'll tell you its the best out of all them. As you arise from the depths of vault 111, you will find your self right outside your town and it's been destroy. You are now able to create your own settlement. However, you need to first complete the first quest to save the people that will run your settlement. Each settlement will need Beds, Water, Food (Crops), power and Defense. Here is some tips to Increase Settlers in your settlement.

First off, you need to go scavenge. Scrap everything! You should also crap the street lamps. You will need Copper, steel, wood and more.


Recruitment Radio -

You will not get settlers if you do not have a radio. If you have to many settlers you need to turn it off. This requires power as well.

Water -

You need to make water pumps. As you get further in the game, you will access to making purified water pumps and you need certain parts to make these pumps. The more water you have, the more you Increase Settlers.

Food -

In the first settlement, you will find behind the main work house melons and other food. You need to regrow these and add someone to tend to them. To make them work on it, you need to be in workshop mode and click on them and then go to the resource to assign them. You will need to go away for a day to get the melons to grow or sleep for 78 hours. Once they grow, pick them and replant them. It will create more. You can also buy Brahman through wondering settlers around the world and add them to settlements. Make sure you build proper cage, feed tube and bell with defenses. Because people are hungry and will eat your 2 headed cows! Super mutants love them. This is one of the major attributes to Increase Settlers.


Make beds.. All settlers need beds to sleep in. They take up room, but its all good because it Increase Settlers.

Defenses -

You can build turrets and outpost to increase defenses. Even traps increase the defenses of your settlement. turrets are good outside random areas or up high above houses. Be creative. The more defense the more happy the settlers will be.

As for outpost, you need to add settlers to each outpost. You will have the option to add them.


Generators are a must. Building them isn't hard, it's learning how to connect the wires and make the place work. Easy to do, you just need to have a relay. The more power you have it will Increase Settlers on your settlement.

Each settlement you get will be a challenge with supplies. You will have to buy them or find them through the wasteland. Increasing your population is the key to getting unlimited ammo, quest, and much more.


The game has been out for over a week, I haven't completed it, but its the best Fallout yet. I will have more helpful articles on Fallout in the future. We always get over baring with so many new titles in November. Let me know if you have questions in the comments!




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