How to Bypass or Reset your X box 360 Parental Controls

How to Bypass or Reset your X box 360 Parental Controls

You just bought an X box 360 from a used video game store or a pawn shop and finally got it set up. You try to play a game, and it says put in your 4 digit code. Your like WTF, how do I get rid of this crap on my x box 360. So you go crazy, trying to find a solution and look on the internet. Well, this is where I come in to help. Simple, don't look online, because that takes to much time. Each system has their own bypass codes and you only can get it from the X box support. Hopefully you get this post from the Dboss to save you time on resetting your X box 360 Parental Controls. Here is what you can do to make this process less painful...


  1. Go into your x box 360 account through the Internet...
  2. Go to your x box 360 and go to console settings and click on system info.
  3. Go to x box support through the website and chat with an x box support assistant.


The x box chat support will ask you security questions etc. He then will give you the code to reset the X box 360 Parental Controls. This process took me 5 hours recently and I tried many codes on Youtube to unlock this problem. I hope this helped and if you sell an X box 360 and have parental controls activated, please save everyone time and take it off. For all the underage kids that read this post, please know X box support knows if your a kid, they check through the active x box account that you requested chat from.


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