How to Become a Vampire on Elder Scrolls online X box one

Learn how to be a Vampire on the X box one version of Elder Scrolls online.

Guide by Devilmanz1024 Youtube Channel

One of the biggest question in the game is how do I become a Vampire on Elder Scrolls online? Its not as simple as you think, but if you know someone that has already did this process, then you should ask them to complete the blood ritual to become infected to become a vampire. All throughout the land of Elder Scrolls you will come across Vampires and the bloodfiends. The chances of being infected is low, but its pretty much the only way you can do it, unless you get someone to do the blood ritual with you. You can find Vampires in many different lands depending on your Faction.

Here are some locations I've found myself so far.


rift vamp spots


Being a vampire is good, but you have many weaknesses that can be a problem in PVP. Fire damage hurts you 100% and the fighters guild level tree has many perks that hurt Vampires more. You will get to have 3 new abilities and Two passive abilities. You have 4 stages of vampire and the more further you get into your stages the less your health is regenerated. So you become dependent on you abilities. The four abilities are.


  • Mist Form: Turn into mist and have invulnerability to certain attacks.
  • Bat Swarm: Its an ultimate ability. Summons swarm of bats that do high damage for 5 seconds.
  • Drain Essence: An ability that sucks health from enemies. A drain spell, most dependable spell for a vampire.
  • Passive ability Undeath: is powerful passive ability, reducing damage you take from blows if you get close to death and increases your Health majorly.
  • Dark Stalker Passive: Ability to increase stealth during the night. Very useful in pvp, and pve situations.


I think the vampire is more for the Nightblade and Sorcerer. The Templar already has healing abilities and Dragonknight has good defense abilities, so its pretty much not a good talent for them. If you are a vampire, you can't be a werewolf. I will be making a Werewolf guide very soon.  If you don't want to be a Vampire after being infected, you need to get the cure from the quest. Be warned on the X box one, people troll the vampire areas and kill the spawn all the time so others don't become infected. Go to the Elder scrolls online forum for X box one and meet up with someone to complete the Ritual, its a lot easier. When I get my Nightsblade leveled, ill become a Vampire and will help you out. Devilmanz1024 is the gamertag and the price is free, well if you join my guild, it be cool.



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