How the Military Uses Video Games

According to arguments, video games either hold the education’s future or they are the cause of violence in this world as they allow young men to carry our virtual rampages.  On discussions throughout the Internet, we find debates about video games and a lot of it is focused on “do video games cause violence?” Do we forget that the military is using video games to train our soldiers to fight in war?

Let me introduce you to the Patriot missile system. This is a system that came into the world back in 1981 and was mostly played on Atari 2600 consoles or in arcades.

Here we are, years later with the Patriot System, a Cold War relic, that is still in operation. In fact, it now has it’s very own version of the game. In fact, this game is used in order to train U.S. service members to use a weapon in a virtual environment.


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Ratheon, a defense giant, designs the surface-to-air missile system and according to them, this system is built in order to train soldiers that grew up playing video games.

By using virtual training, you are introducing the new trainees to ways that are familiar for them – most younger trainees have experience using video game controllers. You see, by working your way through hard tasks, learning to develop strategies and learning how to acquire new skills helps to speed up the learning process all together.

Improved Technology Means Improved Training As the years have gone by, technology has advanced, which offers the opportunity to improve training. Raytheon has been training service members using video games for quite some time now – they use the same type of software and consoles as traditional video game makers. It all starts out in a warehouse in El Paso that is dimly lit – this is where soldiers, dressed in black unitards and sensors work in front of cameras for the sole purpose of making avatars also known as digital versions of their bodies – these avatars will be used during their training sessions for the missile system. It takes a day or so in order to make these avatars. As far as traditional animation techniques go, it will take about a week. In these multi-player video games, the soldiers guide their personal avatars through a virtual landscape and use virtual versions of real-life equipment. This helps them get used to the environment and equipment, which in return, trains them for combat. Training on a Real Missile System Okay, you’re probably wondering what was wrong with training on a real missile system. The truth is, it wasn’t as safe as virtual training.  With motion capture, the training sessions are as realistic as can be. It goes without saying that we learn better when we are able to see and experience. The Equipment The equipment that is used in the game is the same as it would be used in the real world. There’s a crane that is used to reload the Patriot missile, for example, this crane is programmed the same way as it is in real-life.

According to arguments, video games either hold the education’s future or they are the cause of violence in this world...

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