Farewell and We Will Miss you Satoru Iwata

Nintendo has came a long way and has always held a special place in my heart. I'm a Nintendo kid and wish to see further production of the popular Nintendo games. I realize that I am a little late on this post, but I didn't get a chance to post it until today. I wanted to dedicate this post to a Satoru Iwata. He came a long way and was a great asset to Nintendo, I really don't like death, but it happens …

He was a lot more then the President of Nintendo. He has helped create many great games like Earthbound, Balloon Fight, Kirby games and others like Pokemon Stadium. He helped make most of these games until he was deemed the president in 2002.

Photo Credit supersmashbros.wikia.com
Photo Credit supersmashbros.wikia.com

Pokemon was a major series for the Gameboy/Gameboy color and Satoru Iwata was a major part of the series. I wanted to dedicate this post to him and tell him to rest in peace, because he was part of my life. Nintendo has always been my favorite. As you know, many great stories and series all started from that company. X box and Psn can never step up to the history of Nintendo.

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The history of Satoru Iwata:

He was born Dec 6 1956 – Developed an interest in creating video games as a kid and created them during his high school years. He created a calculator that he  gave his school friends to help them with school work. After High School ended, he was recruited by the Tokyo Institute of Technology. He later majored in Computer Science. He did many non-profit internships with commodore Japan helping the head engineer with a variety of tasks.  He also did freelancing for the Hal Laboratory, which was close to Nintendo at the time.

After working hard all those years, he graduated and went full-time for Hal Laboratories. In 1983, he became the companies coordinator for all software being done for the company. He then helped create some of the best games of all time, as I mentioned in the beginning, the Pokemon series, Kirby, EARTHBOUND and more.

In 2000, he took lead in the corporate planning division and then two years later, in 2002, he became the president for Nintendo, after the previous president retired.


Image Credit emertainmentmonthly.com
Image Credit emertainmentmonthly.com

It's sad to see some of the best talent in this world pass away. He passed away due to complications during surgery for a tumor. Just as his games will continue to be played for many years from now, this post will be here forever and I'm sorry for my late response. Rest in peace.



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