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Elder Scrolls Online Console - The Full Nerd Review by Gaminglikeaboss.com

When I first heard elder scrolls was covering an online MMO, I was excited and happy to that they were expanding to a new audience of gamers. Not like they need new fans, because Skyrim was a big hit when it came out and the modding community expanded the game to a new level and fixed issues the actual game designers couldn't fix.  ESO is more then just a MMO, its a new aged MMO with full combat and multiple skill lines. In depth story line that can keep you interested. Here is my Elder Scrolls Online X box One Full Nerd Review...

I created a Templar on the Ebonheart pact faction, which is the most popular for PVP at the moment for the X box one version of the game. I bought the game digitally on the X box live marketplace. The first day the game was down until next day due to high player volume. The start of the game wasn't off to a good start, but after it was live, there wasn't to many problems after that. Servers are now stable and I barely get disconnected.

The Character Customization

eso review

You are limited to 3 races per faction, unless you have the pre-order or purchased the start pack. Once you pick your faction and race, you have 4 different classes that you can be.

  • Dragonknight
  • Sorcerer
  • Nightblade
  • Templar

Once you pick your class, you need to know create a name. This name can be seen if there your friend or you are in group. For the X box one version, you have your gamertag showing.

The tutorial can be skipped if you already went through it. It's a short 5-10 min tutorial that is easy to pick up and play. The only problem with the game is the concept and its not for the casual player. Let me go over the leveling process.

The LEVEL Grind

Some people don't like the level grinding. Don't skip quests or this game will be a true grinding game and it can get boring. After you hit level 50, you will see its more questing and more leveling, except once you get vet level, you have champion points and leveling is harder. You won't be jumping straight into veteran dungeons or soloing Craglorn. This game pushed console causal players to the limit. I know many friends that gave up at level 13-20 because it was boring or to in-depth. I'm into in-depth games. I like challenge, customization in skills and more. I am grinding at the moment with my wife to get to Vet level 2. This has been a 20 hour process. So if you don't like grind, you won't want to get past lvl 50.
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Skill Concept 

Each class has its 3 classes and one racial class that allows them to have something that others don't have. For example: I'm a Orc Templar - I have racial skill line for extra armor (Orc Racial for more armor Great for tank/healer etc.) and 3 class skills for a Templar. The Templar can be customized in many different ways. You can be a ultimate healer by going all light armor to gain full Mana regeneration or go full armor with lower Mana, but tanking style. You can also go medium and wear half Heavy armor and half light armor. The classes are full customization for certain specs. Here is example.

  • Templar - Ultimate healer - Full DPS or Tank (not all best DPS, but has high damage, but large Mana spells.)
  • Nightblade - Ultimate DPS CC (crowd control) NO HEALER Only if you want to wear staff, that doesn't make sense. Can be a tank, with shield, but they rock DPS
  • DragonKnight - Ultimate Tank - No Healer - Great DPS
  • Sorceror - Ultimate CC and DPS RANGE - Medium healer - No tank - Summon Creatures help

The skills are a bit hard to understand for the casual gamer, but I played WOW vanilla, so I know skill lines. I also play Rift, major customization line and In-depth skill line concept. Overall this is a major downfall for the normal gamer, but for hardcore gamers its the best part of the game.



Let's talk about PVE.

The overall process of the leveling, dungeons and overall game play is pretty fun as long as you have friends and a really cool guild to level with. The dungeons are long and fun, with a challenge and can be player level scaled. This all depending on the dungeon. If you don't have a group or friends, you can use the group finder. The veteran dungeons can be challenging and you need a good team to get through it. The PVE grind is going to be fixed with the next patch on September 15th. They are increasing the leveling in the game, to boast the players to level 50 and beyond pretty fast. The PVE needs raids and more dungeons if this game wants to survive the upcoming years.


Lets Talk about PVP.

Long queuing times for PVP, it takes me 1 hour to get into one game. Sometimes it can be quicker depending on the time of day. There is a huge disadvantage to players that are lower leveled, but they explain that to all players that join at lower levels or in the tutorial area of the help menu. However, they have a non-veteran campaign you can join to stop high level players like me from joining. PVP is more then just kill the other player, you need to take over the other factions castles and capture the Elder scroll. This is a well thought out PVP, but hard to understand if you are not a MMO gamer. I think its pretty awesome being able to spawn siege weapons and battle many players at once. You also can redeem epic armor/weapons from vendors with the currency you earn during PVP. Alliance points are easily obtained as long as you help others in PVP. I am a healer, so its pretty easy for me to earn AP.


Overall the PVP and the PVE is pretty fair for the hardcore gamer, but its not for casual gamers that enjoy playing just for the story. PVP is a learning process and it has a large learning curve. I understand it of course, but its not something you can just pick up and play for other players. You also have a level unbalance in the game. Lower levels do not have all their spells or champion points, so going against a fully geared VET 14 is not a winning battle. The PVP gear isn't obtainable until Vet 14. To get to Vet 14 you have a long road ahead. 


Graphics - Music

All Elder scrolls games have good graphics and music, but due to this game being a MMO, they have to tone it down a little bit due to FPS issues. I'm sure they had to optimize it a little bit for the X box one CPU.  The PC always pushes more and will always be the higher graphic system.


Life as a VET ESO player

eso review 2After you get level 50, you will be needing to keep questing on the next factions. The questing and leveling can get boring. The only fun in this game is the Dungeons and if you have friends. They need to make something that most MMO's do not have.. Daily events, and much more. Also they need to fix PVP. It can be aggravating traveling to your destination. There isn't much to do after you turn Vet level. PVP, Questing, Werewolf and Vampire quest line. There are many dungeons, but nothing holds me to keep playing. They need to think of something new to get me to want to play again. 


Crafting System

The crafting in the game is different then most MMO's. It has concept and depth. It is fun to do and it takes a lot of time to master. You won't be able to do crafting to its full extent until you reach the highest level in the game or exceed the levels in the current skills. The problem with this game is that, you have to be high level to do anything fun. Crafting can be overlooked when you need to level. I found myself lost and happy with crafting at level 10, but that doesn't help you level. You need to unlock the next few levels to even create higher level armor. This is a major downfall in the game.


ESO Plus is it worth it?

I would say yes and no. You can get the Ring of Mara to get 10% EXP gains by purchasing it from the Crown store. You will need to have a friend to marry to get it to work. The crowns store is overrated and only good for EXP scrolls. You get an extra 10% exp gains, but it's not a huge difference. You can make expertise potions that help increase levels now. The only good thing about the ESO plus is the Expansion packs when they come out. They should have it set to 50% EXP gains for ESO Plus. That would only make sense and increase a better sales. 


Overall Rating -

I currently stepped away from ESO until the new update in September. I am VET 4 and love it, but it's a major grind after a while and gets boring. This game isn't for a newbie and it needs a guide for most. Becoming a Werewolf or Vampire is a hard part in the game that no one seems to understand. You also have to think, many console players are not MMO type gamers or they be playing the PC.



Thanks Everyone for reading.

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