Doom X box one/PS4 Review (Honest Review)

Doom Review (Honest Review) From Gamer to Gamer

Doom has come a long way from PC and is now in a new chapter of its life. It's hard to read online reviews anymore, due to companies paying for review ratings and giving the public reviews base on hype and not an honest review. So here is a review from someone that has played the original dooms on PC/SNES/X box.

After downloading doom to my X box one, I couldn't wait to play it. As soon as I started the game it was a bit slow with the loading etc, not to bad. It ask if you want to play Single player or Multiplayer. From past experiences, doom has never had a good multiplayer. So I went ahead with my Campaign.


First Impressions. 

It looks like doom and feels like hell. Excuse my french, but it's true. I like the art and the graphics. They start you off with two good guns, the pistol (last resort weapon) and the Shotgun, my personal favorite for all Doom games. Coming out of the coffin or whatever, you were in. You don't get your armor yet, until you go through the first room. Once you get your armor it's game on. Each level is a bit different and everything is a ultimate challenge. I feel it can be a bit more to it, but it's still feels like doom. A single player experience that sticks in your head for a while, apart from the multiplayer world.


Game Mechanics. 

I get it Doom. You wanted to be a bad #$% and kill everything with your bear hands, but it gets a bit overdoing. I feel like all my kills need to end with a fatality. It makes the game feel a bit fun at first, but tiring later on. Even though I like bashing skulls and chainsawing people in half in game, not RL, it seems overdoing. The over all aiming, moving and much more makes this doom feel like the old game, besides tearing demons from limb from limb.


Upgrades and other cool stuff about doom

Doom has a new system that allows you to upgrade new aspecs of your armor and weapons.

In the game will find weapon upgrades that will allow you to equip your weapon with certain mods. Shotgun with a explosive round or 3 focused shots. You can find these weapon mods in each level.

You can also upgrade your weapon the more you use it. The more enemies you kill with the weapon will level. These levels allow you to unlock faster reload, faster charge time and more.

Not only can you upgrade your weapon, but you can upgrade your armor. As long as you find the armor upgrades. The upgrades can increase your Armor, Health and Power. You can also find armor upgrades that help increase your dexterity and more.

They also have a new rune system you get to use as long as you complete the challenges.

There is a lot they added to doom, but after the first few levels it gets a boring and dry. I feel I need to finish the game to see what happens, but there is no replay value for me. It's a game I would suggest others to rent and not buy.

Overall out of a 5 star system, I give it 4 stars.

Graphics run at 60 FPS and work great for both PS4 and X box one. Of course the PC is the best and always will run doom better. Over all the Graphics get a 9.0 from me.

I will beat this game, but wish I didn't buy the game full out. That's why I buy these games to tell others not buy them, just rent them..


If you want to see exactly how Doom is on the X box one, here is a few videos to help you out.


Gaming like a boss, that's right.

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