Destiny/Xur Update for December 28, 2014 – Destiny Extended Xur’s Hours.

You talked – they listened. Bungie, has officially announced that Xur (you know, the guy all of us Destiny players look forward to seeing every Friday) will be working overtime. His hours have been extended until Monday 10 P.M PST.

So here’s the rundown of the situation …

Bungie announced on their blog that since the DDOS attack made it hard for gamers to reach Xur, they have extended his hours.  They have also promised to keep a watch over the entire situation and if feasible, they will prolong his extension further.

The reason behind extending Xur’s time …

If you tried to log into Xbox Live and PlayStation Network over Christmas, but wasn’t able to, this is because both gaming services were under attack by a group that goes by the name “Lizard Squad.” Currently, both networks are up and running once again.

So, go ahead and start cashing in those Strange Coins and Motes of Lights for some nice exotic weapons, armors and consumables.

Before I go – I want you to answer a question for me – what is the best thing you have purchased from Xur? Are you disappointed with what he is offering this week?


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