Destiny Nightfall and Weekly Tips 1/20/2015 Summoning Pits Strike Tips

The new week is here for Destiny, its almost the end of January and its time for the new Nightfall and Weekly Heroic strike. The weekly and nightfall is all Hive based strikes, which is pretty easy since we all got the famous Icebreaker from Xur this week. ( If not, I feel bad for you, because he may never have it again.) However, the Burn is a bit different for this weeks nighfall compared to the last months Summon Pits nightly. It's Arc burn this week and not Solar. A big disappointment, but still doable. So here is some tips for the Summoning Pits Nightfall. Weekly Heroic Strike can be the same tips.

Tip 1:

Use Arc Damage guns. If you have the DLC, you have a fusion rifle you can use. The MurMur is a great weapon for this weeks nightfall, but don't get to close, you may need to being its a mid range weapon. The Patience of Time is another great weapon for this Nightfall strike. The upgraded version hits most of the Hive the 12k or more, with critical.  You need to set the mid perk to extra ammo for this weapon, due to its very small amount of ammo it holds. Don't forget about the Thunderlord, its the beast of Arc damage. So lets go over the different weapons you should use to mastermind this strike.

Arc Damage: Weapons

  1. Patience of time (Sniper)
  2. Epitaph 2261 (Sniper)
  3. LDR 5001 (This can be found in different damage types) (Sniper)
  4. The Chosen (Sniper)
  5. Broken Truth-LR1 (Sniper)
  6. Prudence II (Both void and Arc) (Sniper)
  7. MurMur (Fusion)
  8. Thunderlord (Heavy Machine Gun)
  9. The Cure (Rocket Launcher)
  10. Admonisher III (Rocket Launcher)
  11. Unfriendly Giant (Rocket Launcher)
  12. One Way Ticket 000 (This can be found in different damage types) (Rocket Launcher)
  13. Radegast's Fury (Rocket Launcher)
  14. The Culling (Heavy Machine Gun)
  15. Zombie Apocalypse WF47 (This can be found in different damage types) (Heavy Machine Gun)
  16. MG18A Harm's Way (Heavy Machine Gun)
  17. Song of Ir Yût (Heavy Machine Gun)
  18. Jolder's Hammer (This can be found in different damage types) (Heavy Machine Gun)

There is a few Solar weapons you should use if, you don't have these special or Exotic weapons. Some of the Crota's End raid weapons do good, because they are mostly Solar based. Vision of Confluence (Primary Gun - Found in Vault of Glass ) and the Icebreaker do good together.

First part of the strike is pretty much the hard part of the strike. You need to wait and be patient. This strike doesn't have any anti-cheese, until the end.. You can inch your way in as you kill Mobs. When the door is being opened by your Ghost you need to stay in the side room, for the entire time. Being in the room with all the mobs or ads will kill you and your team. The Wizards will come in that room, but not past the top of the stairs. Their are two rocks that you can hide from to shoot from the distance. The Wizards will return, but still wait for you before entering the next room, so make sure you have one person to stay back and be backup.

The next room after the door opens is easy too, you just need to kill the ogre and the Knight. Don't forget the Curse Thrall. As you proceed, you will come to the room with a left and right. Take the left and kill the Wizards with arc damage. Kill the mobs and proceed. You should kill the other mobs that drop from the Hive ship, because the Wizard can sandwich you between the two knights guarding your next entrance. Once you kill the mobs there, you kill the two Knights. Kill them and their you go, the final boss. Some anti-cheese is in this raid, but easily avoided. Stay in the entrance room for the entire fight. Next, have one person stay back, you and your other, needs to damage Phogoth as much as you can, before the shrieker spawns above you. Go into the room before shrieker and wait for it to disappear. Do not go to far, the two knights will respawn back and kill you. Don't kill the shrieker either, he will explode and shoot deadly projectiles. This process takes no more than 5 minutes with fully upgraded 31-32's. If you are 28 or less, good luck. Arc damage will help you. This is the best method, I've used so far. I'll be doing this Strike 6 times this week, due to my 3 Characters. I better get something good. If you need help let me know. I'm on the X box one. GT Devilmanz1024

I will be videoing a tutorial this week for those that don't want to read this post. Stay tune and check out our Youtube.


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