Dead Space X box one Backwards Compatible This Scene still scares me…

Dead Space has always been the scariest game of all time for me. The entire series is worst then Evil within and Fatal Frame combined. The game came to end though and it was a disturbing cliff hanger of what happens to Issac and John.

Here is beginning of what scared the #$%# out of me most..

Dead Space 1

Dead Space 2

Dead Space 3

Videos Based on the Game!

Dead Space Wii Extraction 

The Movies

For only 7.99
Dead Space: Downfall [Blu-ray]


For only 4.99

Dead Space: Aftermath


The Books


The Music


The Toys and other cool stuff.


What if….. Dead Space 4 was made?

I wanted to do something a bit different for my post in order to start a debate or a conversation in the comments. So what if their was a dead space 4, if you don’t wantspoilers don’t read this post.  The ending of the Awaken DLC was a total drag and left the series off with a brutal death for both Issac and John Carter. Even though they escape from their debts of hell, they still ended up crashing to their deaths.

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