What if….. Dead Space 4 was made?

What if..... Dead Space 4 was made?

I wanted to do something a bit different for my post in order to start a debate or a conversation in the comments. So what if their was a dead space 4, if you don't want spoilers don't read this post.  The ending of the Awaken DLC was a total drag and left the series off with a brutal death for both Issac and John Carter. Even though they escape from their debts of hell, they still ended up crashing to their deaths.

Visceral Games did very good developing the Dead Space (Series) story, but why did they end it? They want to create hype or make people go out of their mind thinking the game left off just like Mass Effect 3 did? All stories come to a end, but why such a dreaded fate for Issac. You only went through hell the first few games to end up watching Issac crash into the Blood moon. I often wondered if they just ended the story, because their was to much to explain, when he got back to earth. Did earth die, because of the wicked fate the Markers and activation of the other blood moons? Would it lose its horrifying environment?

Videos from the early access demo for Dead Space 3



So many questions and so many unanswered. Is this a dying game or is it a game that could keep going. I think it should go on, since the x box one can do so much. We are dying to have a good story game. I played Shadow of Mordor Middle Earth and it's fun, but we need something exciting. Maybe November will give me the rush I need for an epic story game. Issac is like Mass Effects main character, once announced dead or if dead, they bring a lot of attention to the game. When the Joker died, their was so many people pissed off, because of it. But it also made that game one of the best Batman games ever. Most stories that are good have good people die in order to make the game/story have a touching moment for viewers/players/fans.

So what if there was a Dead space 4. It would be cool to play another terrifying horror game from the Dead Space series and to learn what actually happened.  I think they don't want to take the risk of making the story bigger and risk themselves ruining the Dead Space story. If they make Dead Space 4, you would have to also think about what approach they would have to do. Would you be Issac? Did the main character die? If he did, he would be on the Blood Moon, but we know this isn't new to the series. In dead space 2, you wake up in a dreaded terror and almost die. Dead space 3, you are someone else in a horrifying snow environment full of necromorphs. So it is no problem for Dead Space to start the game where it left off. Maybe EA said to pull the plug, if you notice there are 3 Dead Space's and 3 Mass Effect's. However, I can't say the same to 4 different battlefields. Battlefield 3 was just like 4, but re-masted and improved.


So what do you think?


Gaming like a boss, that's right.

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