Beta NEWS Update Dec 28th 2014 Evolve – Halo 5 beta

This week we have something really cool doing a open beta for those that pre-ordered or purchased the Master Chief collection. The Halo 5 beta will be open on December 29th - through January 18th. I'll be attending the Halo 5 Beta when it launches a few days after. You can watch it on Twitch or Youtube it. The Beta should be fun, but their is a big window before it ends.

The next beta for that will be approaching is the evolve open Beta. This beta will show you the latest patches and fixes from the previous Alpha beta. Some new monsters and much more content to hook players in before the official release of Evolve. Evolve beta starts January 15th 2015 and releases February 10th 2015.

Thanks for reading and please stay tune for more news. Remember to game like a boss. Don't #%@$ or whine.


Gaming like a boss, that's right.

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