720 HD VS 1080p Does it really matter?

720 HD VS 1080p Does it really matter?

I've been playing video games since the end of time... Well since 1989 when I thought Super Mario Bros and duck hunt was the coolest thing ever. I'm angered by the way new age generation of gamers think 1080p HD has to be! Do you not remember playing the Nintendo? Yes, the x box one fails to meet the expectations of 1080p HD for  certain video games, but their is no real problem here! Most gamers only own a 720 HD TV. So whats the point? It doesn't make the game better if it has more resolution to its graphics.  Who gives a rats #@$, really. Picky people over something so small.

Does Minecraft  suck? Nope, its one of the most popular games on the planet. Graphics are not what makes video games awesome, its the story and the gameplay.  As a video editor myself, their is a slight difference due to FPS and resolution sizes, but nothing that could ruin your gameplay. I do say this though, for single player games graphics play a good part creating a great environment for gamers to enjoy the story in full detail. I've played some really horrible graphic video games, but I never once said I wouldn't play it because it wasn't 1080p HD.

Over all I don't think it matters for most Multiplayer video games, but games like Mass Effect it helps them paint a better picture and make a better presentation for the single player stories. When the Playstation/Nintendo 64 came out all gaming was in Av standard 420. There was many epic games for both those systems, bad graphics or not. But why be a hater now? The Wii didn't do so great, because the X box 360 and PS3 was in 720HD and 1080P. Plus many of the games were not as presenting as the other systems. I like good graphics, but also like good games.


So my last and final words for this post would be... Don't judge a book by its cover...Only judge it by playing it first.




Gaming like a boss, that's right.

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