5 Super Nintendo Video Games that are hard to beat!

5 Super Nintendo Video Games that are hard to beat!

The Super Nintendo was my favorite era for video games and I wanted to tell you about the hardest games I’ve played that was extremely hard to beat. The SNES was my favorite retro console and it was pretty much my childhood. Please read my 5 Super Nintendo Video Games that are hard to beat!


  1. Mega Man X

The entire series of Mega man is hard to beat! I’ve never in my whole life ever got so mad to break a controller! You just die way too much or I just suck! Mega man X is one of my favorite, not including the Mega X2 and X3. I always have problems trying to pick the next stage. I always pick the hard ones.


  1. Sparkster

A super rare video game that is harder than heck to beat. Fun to play but it’s very hard to beat. I’m sure you know the one on the Sega, Rocket Knights Adventure. It was also a hard one to beat. I use to try to help my grandpa beat the game. The rocket pack always got me killed.


  1.  Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts

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This game is epic, but it’s an extra hard game to beat. You have to go through many levels to get to the end. I’ve been to many 24 hour events to beat this game. Many failed attempts, but we finally did it! The game is a challenge and very fun.


  1. Demon Crest


A super rare video game title for the SNES, but it’s also super rare to beat. The concept of this game is epic and you get many power ups along the way. When I was a kid, I beat this game, but now thank you emulators for having a saving state. Cheating like a Pro.


  1. Hagane: The Final Conflict

Another rare game that goes for over $100.00 online. Hagane: The Final Conflict isn’t just a side scrolling game, it’s a turbo charged contra. You will never get pass the 2nd stage if you don’t master it. Very aggregating game, but fun.

Hope you liked this retro flashback and the list of my hardest games to beat. Stay tune for more of these retro posts and make sure you comment. That’s if you like talking to me???? Someone’s got to like the bosss?


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