5 Reasons To Buy the Nintendo Switch

5 Reasons To Buy the Nintendo Switch

I've been way to focus on the X box one and wanted to cover why you should purchase a Nintendo Switch when they become more easier to obtain without over paying. The Nintendo Switch is doing it's best to bring in new and old publishers to make the system have more games. So here is 5 reasons to buy the Nintendo Switch.

  1. The portable gaming device

Nintendo Switch

The system can be played almost anywhere in the house and in clear HD graphics. Of course certain games will tone down the graphics while it's not docked, to avoid overheating. The portability of the device is one of it's strongest features of the system.

  1. The Legend of Zelda Breath of the wild.

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I know you read the news on the latest hype about this game, but most of the hype is real. The game is truly the strongest and most detailed games on the Switch. The first Legend of Zelda that allows you craft and create your own gameplay. Not only do you get a great adventure, you can enjoy it on the go and enjoy the detailed graphics. Of course I don't really care for graphics as long as it's not annoying animations.

  1. The Games

We are back to Cartridges and it's the best idea yet! I'm so tired of disc that it's a great idea for them to bring back the retro perspective of gaming. The game is even child proof and taste awful when putting the game in your mouth. Of course who would let their kid chew on a piece of Legend of zelda the breath of the wild.... It's not likely to even do this, but it's definitely bringing back something that has a retro look. No more scratch CD's is an A+ idea in my book.

  1. Compact style

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Cords, Cords, Cords! So many cords to one device that makes you want to scream. Well, the Nintendo Switch doesn't have many, unlike the older consoles. The Wii U had 4 different cords. The sensor bar, the AVI-HDMI cords, the charge cord for the dock and the dreadful power block. The Switch is small and it's designed to be the smallest licensee console on the market.

  1. The Publishers of the Old and New


Recent news explained that the Nintendo Switch is getting some interesting publishers looking into them and going to focus more on putting their games on this amazing system. Yes, I just used a hype word... Honestly though, Square Enix is looking into the Switch! This means we may be going back to the roots of retro gaming. We need a couple games to be remade and reintroduced through a sequel. Not a remake please, but something that can allows to enjoy some old and new characters of our past. Megaman - Final fantasy 5-6 extra stories. You name it their are so many games that were never reintroduced like they should. Metroid should go back to it's old routes and save it's self from metroid other m.


Once I get my recording gear for my computer, I will start recording the Nintendo Switch. Hype or not, the gaming console plans on bringing the roots back of Retro Gaming. We should always have a system that goes back in time and one that prepares for the future. My problem is, which one should I stick with. I like my PS4 and my X box one. I play more of my x box one, but enjoy story games on my PS4, Horizon Zero Dawn and Uncharted 4.

Stay tune for more post!


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