5 Nintendo 64 Video Games That I loved playing as a kid

The Nintendo 64 is one of the most popular systems out on the planet! If you own one, then you should read this post! I wanted to share a childhood memory with all my fans and how the N64 was one of my favorite systems. Please read my post on 5 Nintendo 64 video games that I loved playing as a kid!

5 Nintendo 64 Video Games That I loved playing as a kid


1. Donkey Kong 64

Donkey kong n64
This game was one of the most exciting games for me. You need the Expansion pack for this game and it's not cheap. Donkey Kong Country was my favorite on the Super Nintendo, so when I heard this game come out, I was happy. However, I wasn't happy to see it go 3d, but meh, I'm open for anything. I was about 13 at the time when this game came out. The Expansion pack was actually a ram pack that made the game run without frame rate losses, because when they made the game the frame rates were unstable. The N64 needed more help, so the Expansion pack was made to increase ram. A few other games needed this expansion pack in order for the game to work flawless. The game was more then awesome, it was a memory that stuck with me for a long time and yes, I have this game and its sealed. Who wouldn't like shooting bananas out guns and ground pounding squirrels and crocs.

2. Mario 64


Mario 64 changed Mario forever and it wasn't like the side scrolling adventures on the Nintendo and Super Nintendo. Not only do you get to go through cool levels, you get to go through paintings and explore the Princess's tower. The 3d bosses are also another memory. The first time you actually had to use a strategic approach to defeat your enemies, rather then just jumping on the enemies head. Mario 64 was re-introduced on the Nintendo DS. I still liked the N64 version better.


3. GoldenEye 007


I remember this game like it was tomorrow. I use to play this game with friends when I took my N64 to school for the Halloween festival or after school projects. It was probably the best multiplayer FPS game for its time. I remember playing this game for countless hours, almost just as much as Halo when it first came out on the X box. The only problem was the controller would wear down because the middle joystick was made out of plastic and it would break and not work after using it for days. I went through controllers like candy.


4. Mario Kart


Mario Kart is probably the only racing game I actually like. I played the Super Nintendo Mario kart like there was no tomorrow. This game was also a fun game I played with friends, because the Nintendo 64 allowed up to 4 people to play. The split-screen was a bit overwhelming, but that's me being spoiled because of X box live or Psn.


5. Zelda Ocarina of time and Mask of Majora


I put both of these games, because they were both really fun games. I remember Zelda Ocarina of time I would go to the lake at the end of the game and practice shooting the birds that flew around with my Arrows. Both these titles are major memorable titles for me. The Nintendo 64 really didn't have any RPGS like the Super Nintendo had. Not even one Final Fantasy was introduced on the Nintendo 64. So games like Zelda, Star Craft, Quest 64 and many other titles had to do. I remember when pilot wings was in Walmart. Those were the days.


I didn't have much room to talk about more titles, so I'm going to list the other games that I liked when I was a kid. In the comments, you can put a list of games you played and liked as well. Here are the others.

  1. Resident Evil 2 (mostly played it on the PS1.)
  2. Castlevania
  3. F-zero
  4. Diddy Kong Racing
  5. Star Wars Racer (AWESOME GAME)
  6. Mario Party (Death of all controllers)
  7. Star Craft
  8. Star wars Shadow of the empire

And much more!

The Nintendo 64 was probably the most unique system out their. The first time they actually released a system (besides Gameboy color) in different colors or collectors editions. The Pokemon Edition, Ice blue Edition, Zelda Controllers, and much more.


Nintendo 64 System - Video Game Console - Pikachu Version


Gaming like a boss, that's right.

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