5 Destiny Fixes that will help Game Play

5 Destiny Fixes that will help Game Play

Destiny has been out for 3 weeks now and I've been enjoying the game non-stop. Now that I've fully played the game for over 60 hours it has some fixes that need to be change to make the game more presentable and fun. Please read this post, I will be writing Bungie to see if they can do something about these current changes. 5 Destiny Fixes that will help Game Play ...


  1. Bigger Fireteams

Snapshot 2 (9-22-2014 5-59 PM)This is a big deal for me, because I have more than 3 friends that constantly want to play with me. I know you can have a 1-6 fireteam for raids and some PVP matches, but they get boring and we want more fun and options. If you increase the amount of fireteam members for strikes and missions, just add more difficulty and it makes it more fun. This is a must do Bungie! There is nothing like having 7 wizards on you at once..


  1. Trade

You create a trade system between fireteam members this would be the best feature ever in the game. I get items all the time that I use and dismantle, because I got something new. I would like to give my findings to my friends when I'm done for them or if its not for my current class.


Snapshot 3 (9-22-2014 5-59 PM)3. Server Stability

PVP I keep getting kicked and my internet is just fine! I check it over and over. You guys need to fix the servers. I noticed its only during the weekend during high traffic times.


  1. More Frequent events

I don't mean the events that happen on certain dates, I mean the Events that drop during gameplay. You need more of these to get people to play in game more! Its a good idea, reminds me of Defiance.



Why is it such a grinding game! I know you want us to play a lot, but we will do that anyway even if you do give us loot! I had a total of 4 Legendary engrams and they were all blue and 1 green! What the heck disappointing. Anyways, better drop rates would be awesome and great idea for a game changer for destiny.


There is a lot of hate for this game. Its not for everyone... Its for hardcore gaming, remember to game like a boss. No #$#@#$.


Gaming like a boss, that's right.

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