4 Reasons Why Gaming is Good for You …

4 Reasons Why Gaming is Good for You …

Playing video games have been thought to cause violence, social problems and decrease your intelligence. Objection your honor! If you think video games are bad for you, you are wrong!

Mario Makes Your Brain Grow!

Want a bigger brain? Just sprinkle some Mario on it and watch it grow! No, but seriously, a group of researchers took 23 adults and had them play “Super Mario 64” for 30 minutes every day – this study went on for 2 months. They had another group who didn’t play any video games at all (now that’s boring). They used an MRI machine to examine the brains of the two groups and guess what! The group who plays video games had a rise in gray matter in the right hippocampus, the cerebellum and the right prefrontal cortex. For those of you who aren’t up with the scientific lingo, those are the areas of the brain that are responsible for memory formation, spatial navigation, motor skills in the hands and strategic planning.

So yes, video games can be used to train specific regions of the brain. Wow, who could have ever guessed that?

Anti-Aging Ingredient? No Seriously, Gaming is an Anti-Aging Ingredient!

Oh, those who have a fear of growing old will love this one! Well, you’re still going to grow old, but if you play video games at least two hours a week, the appearance of your age as well as the degree of mental decay that is commonly associated with the aging process will lessen! The heck with that anti-aging serum, I’m going to be like a boss and pwn all the noobs in WOW (thank you for contributing to my aging process – every time I destroy a noob, I start to feel my skin look younger).

Help Dyslexic Kids Read Better 

This is pretty neat … who said video games are bad for the brains of children? Research conducted has proved that video games can help dyslexic kids read better. After playing the video game, kids were able to read faster and more accurately. This is because the action in the games helps the attention span, which if you read books, you’ll understand that attention spans are an important skill when it comes to reading.

The Eye Doctor Just Prescribed Call of Duty

Studies have indicated that by playing Call of Duty, your eyesight will improve. A study conducted back in 2009 took a group of people and had them play a first-person shooting game like Call of Duty. The other group played a boring old Sims game.  Those who played the FPS game had a boost in their contrast sensitivity function.  It is believed that the process of finding and aiming at the enemies on the screen was good exercise for the gamers’ eyes.

Wow, amazing right? So while playing video games, my brain grows, I look younger and it helps my eyes? If this is the case, I should be a 1 year old with a giant head and super-powered eyes! No, but in all seriousness, the next time someone tells you “games are bad for you,” just point them towards this blog and let me handle them. Until then, keep gaming like a boss!


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