10 Nintendo Games to Buy

10 Amazing Nintendo games to buy for yourself!

I wanted to do this post for quite some time now and I'm happy to give you a small list of Nintendo games to buy for your Nintendo. This list is not based on rarity or for collectors. Don't get me wrong these titles are 100% awesome to have in your collection, but if I was going to make a list of rare video games I would.  Lets get down to business shall we? Please read my post on 15 Nintendo games to buy.

Donkey Kong -

This old time classic was a popular arcade game for me during Landry days. I would spend countless quarters playing this game and never knew it was on Nintendo until later in life. This game is a must have, because it featured Donkey Kong (AKA DK) for the first time. What better is there to do then jump over bares and take a hammer and bash them.


This game is among the most hardest games out on the Nintendo, because you have one life and your life is counting down even if you don't get hit by the enemy. They made Gauntlet 1 and 2 by the time the Snes came out. Then later on the PS1 and N64. Its a must have and its not expensive.

Super Mario 3

The first Mario to have the flight form. You may have a tail but you can fly! This game rocked and was played for hours when I was a kid. I still remember the promotions for this game. They remade this game over and over, you can also get it on the Wii, Wii U and GBA.


This game was the ultimate side scrolling game for me when I was a kid. Contra had no grounds on this game. I played it for hours and was very excited to see Super Metroid later on the Snes.

Megaman - The series 1-6

This is the hardest darn game on the NES. Everyone else I've talked to agrees with this statement. It takes gamer wits to play this game and if you beat all 6 of these games kudos for you man, you are a boss! Every time a Megaman came out for the Nintendo I had to play it. Each game that was released had something new to it and new enemies to fight. After the Nintendo upgraded to the Snes, you got some more awesome Megaman games!

Dragon Warrior Series 1-4 Very pricey...

Dragon warrior was the true game to introduce level grinding. You needed to level first before moving on to the next area of the game. The old method of commands and random battles was introduced with this game. It's by far the most memorable RPG for me when I was a kid. You should buy the entire serious, the only other way to get the 2-4 of the game is through NES or shh.... roms.

Kirby Adventures

This game was remastered and introduced later on the SNES, but many people didn't know that until now. This game was epic for its time. Who don't like eating monsters and spitting them out. You also get to take their powers. This game is a must have.


Contra is mostly known for its 99 live cheat code. You use that code it makes the game too easy. You play it normal, then you are a boss. I never could remember the cheat code, so I never used it. Meh, who needs cheats.

Castlevania The series 1-3

Castlevania is always on my list for Nintendo. Even after the Nintendo I wanted the Snes titles. The series is still going and it gets even better every game. I just wish they would make it on the X box one now.

The legend of Zelda + Link 2

Both these Zelda games were epic and one of the most played games for me when I was a kid. Of course after the Snes came out I played Link to the past mostly, but The legend of Zelda I beat many times. The adventures of link was also a favorite of mine, but not as much as The legend of zelda. You must own Zelda, I command you!


Runner ups - List of games...

  • Mario
  • Super Mario 2,
  • Tetris,
  • Kid Icarus
  • Crystalis!
  • Bubble Bobble!
  • R.C Pro Am!
  • A Boy And His Blob
  • Ultima Series
  • Final Fantasy


If you have a game you want to add, let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading this and remember keep gaming like a boss.

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